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Choosing Your Type of Cake

The milestones in our lives are best celebrated with a cake. Be it weddings, birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries, our merrymaking with family and friends is simply not complete without cakes. It also doesn’t matter what variety or design. What’s more important is the idea that it symbolizes.

The importance of cakes in our lives is the reason why cake making is such a thriving business. Cakes are always delightful, whether to bake or to devour. If you’re fond of eating cakes, then you should at least know what the cake makers Brisbane has to go through to make them. Cake making is not really hard, but it is not that difficult either.

Most Popular Cake Types

If you want to know the different types of cakes are popular around the world, read on. Your most favorite cake may actually make the list.

1. Pound Cake

Who doesn’t know about the classic pound cake? These are the traditional cakes that are baked in a loaf pan. Think of your grandmother’s delicious carrot cake, banana cake, and butter loaf slices. They make the best pair for teas.

2. Devil’s Food Cake

There are many versions of the devil’s food cake but there’s only one thing that’s common among them, and it’s their color. The devil’s food cake is made of yummy chocolate. The darker is their shade, the better.

3. Golden Cake

Golden cakes are your tasty mocha cakes that are usually topped with buttercream frosting. Of course, there are many variations to this cake like most others. Some bakers use chocolate frosting while others prefer sour cream frosting.

4. Classic White Cake

When classic white cakes are talked about, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Weddings! Weddings are the most common application of this type of cake. They’re fluffy white and baked in round pans. They’re placed in layers then finished with frosting.

5. Angel Food Cake

If there’s the devil food cake, there’s also an angel food cake, which is its counterpart. This cake is baked in a tube pan to make it light and fluffy, just like the clouds. One bite and it feels like the taste of heaven, hence its name.

6. Blueberry Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love a slice of blueberry cheesecake? This premium cake flavor is well-loved in the world over. The rich cheesecake is served on top of graham-cracker crusts. The cake has blueberry preserves on top.

7. Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cakes come in all types and flavor, with the orange glow flavor being the most common one. A chiffon cake is also baked in a tube pan. This type of cake may look simple or is designed elaborately, depending on the baker’s choice.

These are the types of cakes that you’ll mostly encounter in a baker’s store. Of course, there are new and special edition cakes but the ones listed above are the mainstays. If you’re craving for a cake right now, why not pick one of your favorites and indulge in it? Everybody has the right to enjoy a slice of cake or two.

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